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Global Water Leaders Group and Global Water Intelligence (GWI) publish insight pieces in partnership. We aim to contribute to the progress of the water utility sector with our research.

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Net Zero Utilities Observatory

This observatory tracks the water and wastewater utilities around the world that have set net zero emissions targets. Data includes the targets’ timeframe (e.g., 2030, 2050); type of target (as reported by utilities themselves); current greenhouse gas emissions levels; whether they have joined the UNFCCC Race to Zero campaign; and the city and population served.

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Digital futures white paper

Digital Futures: creating a roadmap for utility performance

Published on the 1st March 2021, the Digital Futures white paper is the culmination of a series of high-level discussions between some of the world's most forward-thinking utilities in a bid to address their most pressing digital priorities and pave a pathway for the future. The paper features breakdowns on data accessibility and the role it plays in digitisation for utilities, procurement models that work, smart cities and the previously unimagined functions and services they can offer, and best practice recommendations.

Grundfos whitepaper

Accelerating the digital water utility

A Global Water Intelligence and Global Water Leaders Group white paper published in partnership with Grundfos

Launched in November 2019 at the American Water Summit, this visionary white paper is a launchpad into digital solutions within the utility sector and sets out to overcome the five main obstacles to creating the digital utility.

Derived from an extensive set of survey responses and interviews conducted with 32 early digital adopters from around the world, this white paper explores the challenges and benefits of digitalisation, alongside key data and figures that will help you build a better digital strategy.

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A new model for water access

The Millennium Development Goal for water was achieved in 2015, but the reality is that new investment in infrastructure has not been keeping pace with the depreciation of existing assets, and services in many parts of the world are actually getting worse.

The cycle of utility decline must be reversed in order for us to achieve the sustainable development goals on water and sanitation. To facilitate this, The Global Water Leaders Group worked with the organisations on the Global Agenda Council on Water to develop and implement a new model for achieving Water Access.