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William muhairwe

Dr. William Muhairwe, formerly CEO of the Ugandan National Water and Sewerage Corporation, is Executive Director of the Global Water Leaders Group.

Dr. Muhairwe is responsible for one of the African water industry's great success stories - the turnaround of the Ugandan Water and Sewerage Corporation. When he joined the corporation in 1998, it was in a situation like "a critically ill patient, demanding painful but unavoidable radical surgery, strong medication and intensive nursing care to bring it back to health." During his first meeting he declared that he would resign if he did not turn the corporation around within 100 days. The surgery was successful and over the next 13 years the NWSC grew to become one of the most successful - and profitable - water and wastewater utilities in Africa.

Since leaving the corporation in November 2011, Dr. Muhairwe has been taking his expertise to other struggling utilities in Africa through his 2ML management firm.

He was appointed Executive Director of the Global Water Leaders Group in January 2013.